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Welcome to Hacienda Maya

La Maya is our tropical lifestyle dream ~ realized! Unique, rich in originality and a preciously private environment. Located in luminous tropical countryside, the property is just over one hour from Panama City. Views of mountains, near Pacific beaches, golf, resorts, excellent medical facilities, shopping and restaurants. We finally got it, all.

Not just a place, La Maya is a unique, inspiring, and nearly a self-sufficient environment.  Come discover the ideal place to relax, refresh and indulge your senses in our delicious climate.

Close to it “all”.  Excellent local bars, restaurants, beauty spas, gourmet shopping, farmers market, building, auto, and home supplies. An emergency hospital 5 minutes away, clinics afford every kind of medical need found locally. Beautiful beaches for walking, basking, or surfing are only minutes from the property, a river is 3 minutes from the villa. AND the hacienda is in easy proximity to a bustling and ever-more sophisticated Panama City, often compared to Miami and Dubai.

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